vTrance 1.29
To celebrate the arrival of our new Update, we are increasing the RATES of Experience Gain, Drop and also of Point Vote and Purchase over the entire Week End from .
Each end of the month, there is a reward for the 3 top of the Ladder!
Info! Most of the changes are shared and discussed on our Discord.
No stress, it's not hess!

Tired of these servers who only offer professionalism? All you want is to have fun with everyone regardless of rank? Well Gravity is for you! Here no fuss: the staffs are mostly Private Server players who have bled the private ones and have made a name for themselves on several of them! You will therefore find staffs who have above all an experience as a player and seek to have fun because we are on a game! (too many people forget it ...).
Come relive the vTrance experience, with a whole new team available for players. Fight as a team, in a guild or for the bravest alone.
Fight against your enemies of different alignments, win pepetons thanks to the tracks, exchange them for attractive prizes. Do the same with the Dopeuls, who are waiting for you to train and reward you for your efforts!
Live the Vindictive Trance experience, join us!
Sincerely The team .

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