vTrance 1.29
New system which favors the exp to Solo players

A XP bonus will be applied to your fights if several players(Same IP) are in the fight:

2 players: 15% bonus
3 players: 25% bonus
4 players: 45% bonus
5 players: 55% bonus
6 players: 65% bonus
7 & 8 players: 100% bonus

What if we were not going to have a little Dungeon all together?

MODULAR Dungeons:

A modular dungeon system that allows groups of dungeon monsters to adapt to the size of the team competing against them, thus allowing smaller teams to access the majority of dungeons.

The difficulty of the dungeons will therefore adapt to teams of 4 to 8 characters (it will always be possible to make a dungeon with less than 4 characters but the difficulty will be based on a group of 4 characters).

How to activate it?

Just type !Actions in the chat or use the function in the shortcut bar (Other actions) to activate the Dungeons mode Modular.