vTrance 1.29
At the end of each month, there is a reward for the 3 first in the Ladder!

Hello vTrance Player!

The server team is pleased to announce that vTrance is rising from the ashes!
We have encountered a considerable number of problems with the spleen xp, drop, kamas and AI.
Fortunately, all these problems are now solved, the AI is much smarter.

New content totally exclusive to vTrance has been imagined by the staff.
Among others: a Ghost dungeon, a new THL island named Ignis are available.
The AI of all dungeon bosses is now identical to the official one.
Majority of dungeons reduced to 5 rooms and a loot to be won at the end of each dungeon!
The spleen xp has been regulated so level 201 is more difficult to reach.

Rate xp x3
Rate drop x3
Rate Job x8
Rate Kamas x3
Rate Honor x2

Anyway, we're going to introduce you to the server a bit because otherwise this page would be of no interest.
We start level 1 with a set of Adventurer perfect and 3000 kamas to help us in our quest for the level max: 201. (and damn what is it boring up 201!)

Many assets are available to you on the server, to name a few:
- a quick connection system for your accounts (up to 8 accounts) from the launcher
- the Master mode which groups your characters of the same IP and which allows your Main de TP the rest of the group with the command! tp
- access to important commands from emoticons above the chat
- a "no cheat and no pay to win" shop made up of three NPCs: equipment, pets and consumables
- an unlimited VIP subscription (costing 120 boutique points) giving advantages
- an ipdrop mode
- a unique keep in the Ghost> - etc ...

And of course we have our Discord: https://discord.gg/pjzzw3x
Number of Accounts : 938
Number of Characters : 1084
Status of Server : Online