vTrance 1.29
To begin with, I imagine you are probably wondering what the Ankama Shield mode is and what it can be used for?

Ankama Shield Shield mode is a mode set up to prevent people from being able to hack your account. It consists in protecting your account so that an individual other than you who has your account identifiers cannot trade, use your kamas or interact with items such as the trash can.

The only possible interaction is being able to enter combat and make dungeons. This mode allows the player to be able to lend their account to friends without having the fear of finding their account without any more stuff.

The shield mode will just protect your account as explained above while the shield IP mode will prevent any actions with your characters. Only you with your IP can play it.

In other words this mode protects your account without either preventing you from playing if you are not at home or a friend can use your account to go to farm dungeons that he can't do it alone.

How to activate the Ankama Shield mode?

After entering the order and your answer is correct, the Ankama Shield mode will be activated instantly.

How do I deactivate the Ankama Shield mode?

You just have to retype the command !ShieldSecret answer.